Unsure about making the jump? Here’s what clients had to say.


Joe lost ~7KG/15.5lbs/1.1 stones in 7 weeks! He built healthy long-term habits and learned how to lose weight in a  sustainable and healthy way. In fact, he feels better than ever and is planning to lose more weight in 2019 before his endurance competition! Here’s what Joe had to say about his experience.

Working with Milo has helped me not only in achieving my weight loss goals but also in developing my knowledge of nutrition and training as a whole. With regular updates and tailoring to the program, the process ran smoothly and effectively and was enjoyable throughout. By correcting long term errors and dispelling myths, this program has changed my lifestyle and has helped me build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. I would seriously recommend working with Milo for advice into short and long term goals.

Before & after pictures;

85KG, October 2018

78KG, November 2018